Target Engineering Group announces opening of new field office in District 2; Gainesville, FL The Gainesville field office has hit the ground running by winning the Gainesville Hybrid Contract, a five-year contract offering inspection services for the Gainesville Construction Office with 25 projects to date. The projects have included landscaping, milling and resurfacing, sidewalks, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and the I-75/US-441 interchange adding another southbound ramp.

In addition, the Gainesville office is working on the Gainesville Group 09 Contract. A 2.5 year contract with five projects in District 2, consisting of milling and resurfacing on the following; SR-24 in Levy County, CR-351 in Dixie County, I-75 interchange modification at SR-222 and I-75 resurfacing from SR-222 to US-441 in Alachua County.

The Gainesville office employs 14 inspectors, as well as the office staff listed below. Proving to be a positive expansion for TEG, the Gainesville office is continuing to grow and seek future projects.

TEG Gainesville Office team: Austin Woodington as Project Administrator, Belinda Lubben as Contract Support Specialist, Kelly Fraser as Administrative Assistant, Patrick Upshaw as Project Administrator and Jamal Hassouneh as Senior Project Engineer (not pictured).